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The Story

Greek in origin with Mediterranean memories and an ocean perspective, Ocean Hero aims to fulfill the needs of an active child at the beach in cool vibes and playful style.

Ready, set, splash!

Ocean Hero’s swimwear is designed with a unique style and creativity, providing joy, color, fashion and elegance to the children.

Our collections consist of artistic swimwear pieces such as swimsuits, boardies, two piece and rash-guards. Beach hats and bandannas in the same prints are a must for the adventure seekers.

Prints are characterized of a mixing of prints and patterns. Ocean Hero loves to mix and match its patterns. Every new combination is a challenge. Most of the prints are unisex since play is neutral and Ocean Hero loves Play at the beach. 

Our mission is to educate parents, children and industry representatives of the importance of protecting children against the sun’s damaging rays throughout the magic of our fun characters that bring happiness and color and make the world a safer and fun place.

Our Philoshophy

Ocean Hero philosophy is to offer the child playful motivation by nurturing the spirit and awakening their own little hero inside.

Ocean Hero swimwear addresses to moms who love to dress their children. colorfully and want them to radiate energy, joy, life, light and happiness. Moms that want to protect their children from the sun and are very concerned for the health and wellness of their children.

UPF 50+

Besides being wonderfully soft and comfy, our fabrics are specially selected to be UPF 50+, delicate and dry quick so as to protect kid’s sensitive skin. The “+” means our fabrics are tested at highest possible UPF 50+ standards.

Not all clothing is sun protective, and not all sun protective clothing is created equal.

Technical innovation and independent third-party testing ensure our fabrics are UPF 50+. Our fabrics use a combination of weave, color, weight and additions of the best active ingredients found in sunscreens, millions of the sun-bouncing minerals, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide infused at the fiber or fabric level. Even with multiple washings and exposure to sweat, chlorine and salt – our sun protection never washes out.

Playroom art kids’ exclusive line is there to reinforce its philosophy.

Special Collabs: Ocean Hero x Playroom

Playroom is a concept kids lab which aims to combine kids play with artistic inspiration and therefore artistic awareness.

Ocean Hero x Playroom Swim Line is artistic, colorful and playful.

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